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                                                    Health is the greatest gift,                 
                    contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

Welcome to The Body Mill Fitness and Yoga Studio Website. My name is Amy Thorpe.  I am certified in Personal Training, Pilates, Group Fitness, and Yoga.  I have so many things I want to share with you on health and fitness. Please take a look around to learn more about the classes that are offered at The Body Mill and other ways that I am here to help you. Be sure to check in each month for  new yoga poses and fun exercises.  Click on the contact tab to fill out a form so that you can stay up to date on classes and promotions!  Like my Facebook page: The Body Mill Fitness and Yoga Studio! 

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Triangle Pose


Use Triangle Pose to open up the hips and find an isolated stretch along one side  of the spine as you perform this pose on each side. It's important that you keep the back of the front leg active to avoid any hyper-extension in the knee. Counter-rotate the spine to open up the chest and arms while keeping the body in line with the front leg. As if your body is between to panes of glass.  Breath deep breaths in and out the nose and allow your body to enjoy the stretch.



It's important that you eat healthy as often as possible. Control your portion sizes and get in a good serving of vegetables. It's also important that you don't deprive yourself and give your sweet tooth what it desires every now and then too. 

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